3.02 The Byford Dolphin Explosive Decompression Accident


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This week I cover a highly-requested topic: the Byford Dolphin explosive decompression accident. On November 5th, 1983, 4 saturation divers instantly died following a massive explosion while working on an offshore drilling rig. One of their assistants was also fatally wounded. What caused this massive and horrific accident? Found out of this week's episode of Narcosis: Into the Deep.

Link to the Norwegian investigation report: https://www.nb.no/statsmaktene/nb/849b219f3ea0ba3b666406afd678c70b?lang=en#0

Link to the autopsy report (*VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*): https://zero.sci-hub.se/5268/7dda7cee52d7eb3ec606a82d0f1b9a61/giertsen1988.pdf

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