“There’s a ritual to smoking a spliff” discussing joint-rolling & navigating the Weed Man with entrepreneur Erica Edwards.


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I’m really glad I was able to get together with my fellow Budsista and long-time cannabis smoker Erica Edwards. In discussing her journey listeners hear firsthand the challenges that so many Black women faced when using cannabis, such as securing cannabis safely AND being able to find reliable product.

“Navigating the weed man was I would say a big challenge”

Since legalization in Canada women can now not only grow their own cannabis plants for personal use but we can also walk into dispensaries and make our own purchases instead of relying solely on the long-fabled Weed Man.

“One of the best things that happened was when my weed man was a woman”

Our discussion together allowed us to reflect on how significantly male-dominated cannabis sources and spaces have been in our community and how this can now change following legalization. In addition we learned about what inspires her on her various entrepreneurial businesses such as her cannabis pre-roll company Diva Dose and Embellished Dreams.

“The things we do are often ghetto or marginalized until white people do them”

“There’s a ritual to smoking a spliff”

“Diva Dose was started because I love fancy things, I love beautiful things but I also love practical.”

You can find Erica Edwards on Instagram: @the_ericae @embellisheddreams @divadose

Erica Edwards can also be found on Facebook.
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