Why Great Leaders Are Like Great Artists? | Kathleen Seeley & Simerjeet Singh


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Becoming massively human means you care about your people and want to help them get better at their jobs, so they can perform at their best and enjoy working with you. If you’re the boss, that means doing everything in your power to enable your employees to do their best work, be more successful, develop new skills, and have fun doing it all together. But before you start focusing on being more human at work, learning what makes someone a massive human leader is essential.

Listen to Simerjeet Singh in conversation with Kathleen Seeley to understand the finer nuances of adopting massively human leadership in a world dominated by technology and machines.
Kathleen Seeley, the Founder and CEO of Massively Human Leadership is a lauded speaker, author, facilitator, and corporate leadership consultant. Over the past 25 years, Kathleen Seeley has consulted and coached both individuals and corporate leadership teams, facilitated a game-changing transformation in a leadership capacity, and changed the dynamics of teams. She believes focusing on values will help us achieve awareness and a sense of meaning and purpose, extending beyond the short term.

The center of the conversation between Simerjeet and Kathleen are the questions like what is the power of values for individuals and organizations, and how can one discover/create them? What are some of the biggest leadership and culture challenges corporate leaders face now? How can leaders shape culture?

Both the hosts give the message that in life, you must remember that every individual is different and has different responses to stimuli. By recognizing the inherent differences, we as humans connect with others and become humane leaders. This understanding will allow you to be a massively effective human leader because people need someone they can feel safe being themselves around.

Listen to the complete episode “why great leaders are great artists?” to know what you can do to develop a leadership style that is value driven and cares for the human resource in your company.

Watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/d3p1MDCevvs

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