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Are you open to having new experiences in life? Are you ready to step beyond your comfort zone and let go of the certainties? Listen to the latest episode, “Trust the Universe to show you the Way - Lessons from My Journey” by #SimerjeetSingh, as a part of the #StoriesThatMove series to understand that there is a voice that doesn’t use words but always guides you on the right path.

Simerjeet uses his life journey to reach 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube as a metaphor for some profound spiritual and practical life lessons for all his audiences. He conveys that one should trust the insights and believe in the aha moments to be successful. He did it with his journey as a YouTuber, Keynote Speaker and Influencer and rest, as they say is history.

He emphasizes that you should follow the philosophy of “think big, think bold”. When you dare to think big and have the determination to chase your dream, you shift your perception of reality and create a better life for yourself.

Listen to the complete episode to get practical tips on persevering through tough times. You will understand the importance of acting on those aha moments and letting the universe weave its magic.

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