Nurturing Leaders of the Future | Leadership Motivation by Gordon Tredgold and Simerjeet Singh


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When starting in the workforce, it can be confusing to determine how your skills and experiences can best contribute to the organization as a whole. If you’re like most people, you may think of leadership as something that’s innate or comes naturally, but in reality, it’s a skill set that can be learned and improved through practice and hard work. Listen to Simerjeet Singh in conversation with Gordon Tredgold in the episode titled “Nurturing Leaders of the Future” to understand what leaders do, what their roles are within the context of an organization, and how you can become an effective leader.

Global Gurus have recognized Gordon Tredgold as a ‘Top 10 Leadership Expert and Speaker. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on Leadership, Employee Engagement, and Operational Excellence. Gordon has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., and many other publications. He has written four books, and his last book, FAST, was a finalist in the Chartered Management Institute Management Book of the Year award. He’s a global management leader with more than ten years of experience leading a team of more than a thousand staff and is responsible for large-scale projects worth more than a hundred million dollars.

Simerjeet and Gordon discuss some pertinent questions: What is the FAST leadership method? What is the essential leadership skill? and how to become influential leaders.

Both Simerjeet and Gordon Tredgold give the message that, at times, leadership can be an intimidating prospect, but you should not be disheartened. There are numerous different types of leaders, so it’s possible to find your niche and become an effective leader in any context. They emphasize that before you start leading others, you need to know your strengths and find a leadership style that best utilizes them.

Listen to the episode on “Nurturing Leaders of the Future” to understand the different types of leadership styles, their roles and contribution to leadership effectiveness, and the tips to become an effective leader.

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