Discover Your Greatness - Inspirational Story by Simerjeet Singh


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Are you ready to discover the magical things that the universe offers? Are your senses sharpened enough to observe the miracles happening all around us? Listen to this story “Discover your greatness---- Inspirational Story by Simerjeet Singh” in the #StoriesThatMove series as he reveals the secret that the magical place lies within all of you. Simerjeet gives the message of realizing the true potential through the Golden Buddha story. He conveys that as the true identity of Buddha was hidden underneath the layers of clay, your true identity is also hidden under stereotypical beliefs and preconditioning. He emphasizes that you have to consciously work to chip away the coating of past conditioning to realize your inner Golden Buddha. Simerjeet uses it as a metaphor to emphasize that you need to chip away at the conditioning that surrounds you, like the clay coating on the Buddha statue and find your inner golden self. Simerjeet conveys that your sharpened senses are the tools that can help you dis-cover the real magic lying inside of you. You have the potential to find your inner Golden Buddha and realize your true potential. Listen to the complete story to understand why you have to learn to let your light shine and fulfil your purpose on earth as the children of God.

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