Fibromyalgia Pain Science Education - Stress part 3


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Episode 9 - Fibromyalgia Pain Science Education - Stress part 3
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This episode continues pain science education of fibromyalgia.

We continue the discussion about how pain and stress are related.
You need to understand that thoughts and beliefs influence the degree of pain, severity, and coping with pain.

Automatic thoughts – frequently occurring, situation-driven, thoughts often happen without our input or consciousness. They are automatic, without awareness, but influence the ultimate selection of the coping strategy.

We have beliefs about pain – the nature of pain, the cause of pain, and appropriate treatment, these beliefs influence distress and disability.

We also have acquired beliefs about our control of pain. We have many beliefs about our ability to cope with it, our ability to control pain, how effective we are in our own self-management of pain, and self-efficacy.

Our brain uses automatic thoughts and beliefs to cope with pain stressors and reduce the stress effect. Based on these thoughts and beliefs, we may have good and maladaptive coping behaviors.

Negative automatic thoughts generally worsen our mood, negatively affect our actions and increase the pain and other symptoms.

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