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One of the many cries of Gen-X: "Remember when MTV used to play videos?"

Music videos were made for Gen-X, and for years, cable stations (and even some network shows) catered to playing music videos. Videos changed the face of music in the 80s, but to hear some people talk, you'd think they are a long-gone thing.

With YouTube and other ways of sharing content, clearly that's not true. We can now watch the videos we remember with a simple Google search, and new videos pop up every day. (Hell, you can now make your own videos and put them out there as easy as a podcast...)

So...the Gorillamen finally sat down to talk about music videos...specifically:

  • What was the first music video you remember seeing?
  • What impression did that video have?
  • Did you watch a lot of music videos growing up?
  • Do you watch a lot of them now?
  • What was your first impression of MTV?
  • Of VH1?
  • What was the most non-mainstream way you watched music videos? (public access, late-night TV, etc)
  • What's the best music video of all time?
  • The worst?
  • The most insane?
  • How important were music videos to you when you were younger?
  • If you had to make a music video for any song, which song, and what would the video concept be?
  • Do you think music videos are important to the kids now?
  • What's the future of music videos?

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