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We are talking to founders and thought leaders in the analytics space in this podcast. We learn about the motivations behind the products they offer. We discuss new topics that shape the analytics space. These are exciting times where the data space is exploding, and so are ways to collect and analyze data. Some years ago, it was pretty easy for most companies to decide on an analytics tool. Either you go for an all-purpose solution like Google Analytics. Or you need something special for your mobile app or product team, so Amplitude. Or you just want the raw data without much effort: Segment. Today it has become a science of its own to find the proper tracking & analytics setup. What made it so complicated? - GDPR & Browser protection added more measures what you can track and where to store the data - Google will sunset the old Google Analytics version, so you can only use GA4 in the future - Plenty of more competition in each analytics category (which is a good thing) - New categories like privacy-aware and simple analytics solutions Deciding for a tracking and analytics stack should take a bit. It’s an essential part of your setup, so it should meet your current requirements to some degree (no one can look into the future).

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