Why Won't My Spouse Come Back? - Dr. Joe Beam


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Your spouse left you for another person. But now the affair partner is gone. You thought that they were the problem. You expected your spouse to try to make amends with you. To come back sorry for what they had done. Instead, your mate has indicated little to no interest in restoring a relationship with you or trying to rescue your marriage. Why? Is it you? Are you so unlovely and unlovable that they have no desire to be with you ever again? Is it your mate? Have they become so selfish or hardened toward you that they won't ever care about you again? It's quite a blow to your self-esteem. The hope you had for reconciliation is fading quickly into cynical resignation that what was will never be again. Is there hope? Can someone explain what's happening? Give you direction for maybe making it work? In this program, Dr. Joe Beam explains why spouses don't come back right away. He gives you an understanding of what's happening and how to use that knowledge to your advantage. He gives you the pathway to overcome the problem and eventually rebuild the marriage. Dr. Beam also takes live calls about other relationship issues or advice you wish to ask about. This program begins at 12:30 p.m. Central Time on Monday, July 27 here on BlogTalkRadio. You can also find it live (as well as recorded previous programs and hundreds more marriage and relationship videos) at YouTube.com/MarriageHelper. Call the program live at 657-383-0812. When you hear an answer, press 1 to be put in the queue to speak with Dr. Beam. Be sure to check out more videos, audios, articles, and other resources for relationships at www.MarriageHelper.com.

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