Push Behaviors, Boundaries, & Control, Marriage Helper Live 12/03/18


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Live Caller Q&A With Dr. Joe Beam & Kimberly Holmes In this podcast, Dr. Joe Beam & Kimberly Holmes address these topics: “If my husband has rejected going to the Marriage Helper workshop once how do I bring it back up to him again and suggest that we attend?”“My wife asked me for a divorce. I need to set boundaries. How do I do that without driving her away?”“Our divorce was finalized last month. He is living with the other woman. What can I do other than PIES to reconcile the marriage because we do not live near each other?”“How do I help from being controlled if I feel codependent?”“How do I handle when my husband says he is praying for the other woman that broke up with him to come back? He believes that God has spoken to him and is going to bring her back to him even though he knows that God does not break up marriages to start new relationships.”“I have a job offer in the city where my separated spouse is staying. If I take the job and move there will that be a PUSH behavior?”“My husbands keeps vacillating between wanting me and his affair partner. He has chosen me in the past, but then he went back to her. How do I get him back on my side again?”

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