Afraid of what people will think? 5 tips for following God in your business even in the face of opposition | Ep 57


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Following God in business (and life!) means you have to make tons of decisions that could take you down a path you would’ve never chosen.

It looks hard, requires a ton of faith, and those around you seem to think it’s a crazy option - but you still know it’s the right option.

But how do you have the faith to choose to follow God in that moment and not succumb to the pressure of the doubters and naysayers?

It’s hard to make decisions that we know people will oppose or the decision means we will be doing something that’s totally against the grain of what anyone would expect from us. Still, we may have those who oppose our choices. These nay-sayers can come from good intentions (aka they think you’re making a mistake so they feel the need to help you) or bad ones (aka they don’t like you making big changes because it’s uncomfortable so they try to stop you with doubt).

So how do you deal with opposition that often comes along with choosing to follow God?

In this episode, I’m going to talk about 5 steps to prepare yourself to choose to follow God even when it feels scary because of the judgment waiting on the other side from your friends or family.

We will be looking at Numbers 13:26-33 in this episode if you want to grab your Bible and a notebook to take some notes.


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