6 things to avoid when investing in the stock market


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You might be thinking you don’t have enough money to invest in the stock market. Maybe you believe it’s “not the right time.” But here’s the secret - there’s never a perfect time.

The only way to accumulate the wealth you want and invest in the stocks you want is to start somewhere. And you won’t find the “perfect investment” if you never get your foot in the door.

In this episode, I discuss the six ‘snags’ holding you back from building your perfect portfolio, how to invest with minimal risk, and a strategy that applies to any circumstance.

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why the ‘perfect market’ is a myth and how investments grow your money (no matter what the environment looks like). (1:45)
  • Why pursuing the ‘Holy Grail’ of stocks sabotages your portfolio (and how you can find the best market deals right now). (5:25)
  • The ‘Monopoly Strategy’ for building a portfolio that maximizes your gains and minimizes your losses (even when the market crashes). (8:55)
  • Why stock market procrastination plummets your retirement funds and how you can start investing now (no matter what stage you’re at in life). (11:53)

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