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This is another special episode with a team who are going through some massive changes, - they just made a huge acquisition of another ecomm product while growing their new partner program to secure their place as the mid-market solution.

And they have one person running partnerships, our friend Cory Snyder, VP of channel at Maropost. With him is Ross Paquette, the CEO. Ross does not have experience with partner programs coming into this, but Cory is a channel master.

The two of them have aligned on goals, the strategy, and of course the culture. Ross is fully-bought-into the idea of truly partnering with service providers, implementation experts, consultants. Cory is steering the ship and doing so in a fast and effective way. In this episode, we learn about Corey's jog, crawl, sprint to get this program to viability and profitability quickly.


[00:04:54] - Intros

[00:07:39] - Cory’s checkboxes before deciding to run Maropost’s program

[00:11:19] - What’s surprised Ross most during rollout

[00:14:36] - The structure of Maroposts partner program

[00:19:01] - Program metrics and goals

[00:22:38] - What partner's source revenue looks like for Maropost

[00:29:49] - Cory’s SOPs for partner enablement

[00:34:24] - Where Ross is involved day-to-day

[00:42:34] - How customer success interacts with partnerships

Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.

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