Enabling your partner team to succeed quickly with product and marketing! w/ Zach and Grant from Unstack


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Enabling your partner team to succeed quickly with product and marketing!

It’s not easy for a small team of a new tech to have the sort of confidence and trust in each other to achieve success in the channel at this early of a stage. This is the perfect team to record on this topic. Grant (CEO) hired Zach (VP of Sales/Marketing/Partnerships) in 2020 and gave him the runway and support to get their new agency-focused partner program off the ground quickly.

“You can't set a goal of saying, Hey, in 2021, we want our partner revenue to be a third of our revenue mix and then not support it through product investment, find creative ways to include them in your marketing and allow them to understand your customers because that's going to make them really excited.”

Main sections:

[00:04:06] Introductions

[00:05:41] The current state of your partnership program

[00:06:57] The state of the product with regards to the agency's dashboard

[00:11:16] The strategy for getting people into your calendar

[00:13:42] KPIs, goals, metrics

[00:18:54] Incentives

[00:22:13] SOP’s

[00:29:59] Product and marketing resource allocation

[00:31:13] Big realizations and words of advice


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Partnerstack.com - Partner tracking and payouts.

Sharework.co - A free account mapping solution.

Unstack.com - our guests.

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