The Bridgeless Gulf (sermon 518)


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This sermon provides us with a further demonstration of Spurgeon's spiritual awareness. Conscious that he has often blown the silver trumpet of divine mercy, he now seeks to ensure that he is not behindhand in warnings and exhortations. He therefore preaches on the great gulf fixed between heaven and hell. The absolute finality of that great division between everlasting bliss and eternal woe stirs the preacher's compassion. This is neither a cold theological lecture on the finality of the eternal state, nor a vile railing against God for his injustice in so establishing matters, nor an angry rant against the people the preacher hopes will get what they deserve. With deep feeling and earnest pleading, Spurgeon really and urgently preaches, setting forth the fixed horrors of hell and and the delights reserved for heaven, stirring Christians to speak truth to the unconverted while there is yet a door of mercy open, and urging sinners to turn now to Christ, before the path to happiness is for ever closed off. -I have but preached the law to you out of love,- he concludes- -God knoweth how these hard things, as I speak them, make my heart bleed blood.- If we believe, we too will speak and feel the same- if we do not, such a sermon should persuade us to flee to Christ while we have the opportunity.

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