Episode 32- Top Ten Horror Movies of the Decade


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It's been forever but we are back with Jordan Gerdes from frightfeatures.com to talk about our favorite horror movies of the decade. Below are our lists and below that will be movies mentioned.

Year Jordan Kaleb Jorge 2010 I Saw The Devil Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil Rubber 2011 Cabin In The Woods Cabin In The Woods Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark 2012 Kill List Sinister The Collection 2013 Evil Dead Carrie The Conjuring 2014 As Above So Below The Babadook Tusk 2015 Devil's Candy The VVitch Human Centipede 3 2016 Autopsy Of Jane Doe The Void 31 2017 The Ritual It It, Get Out, mother! 2018 Revenge Suspiria Cam 2019 I Trapped The Devil Midsommar


Other movies we mentioned include;

Doctor Sleep, Bliss, Head Hunter, They Look Like People, Haunt, Us, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Velvet Buzzsaw, Child's PLay, Pet Sematary, The Hole In The Ground, The House That jack Built, Prometheus, Chernobyl Diaries, Apostle, Goodnight, Mommy, Spring, It Follows, A Girl Who Walks Home Alone at Night, Creep, Life After Beth, 3 from Hell, The Girl With All The Gifts, Blair Witch (2016), The Boy, Hush, Train to Busan, Lights Out, The Wailing, Tragedy Girls, Alien Covenant, Mandy, A Quiet Place, Hereditary, Overlord and Halloween

We recommend all of these movies! Thanks being patient with us and hope to have you around next time!

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