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Welcome to Season Two of the Listen by Heart Podcast, where we feature Stories from the Women of the South China Sea. Podcast host Jasmine Low introduces Dr. Ann Lee, and they chat about Ann's short story that was published in Malaysian Folk Tales: Retold & Remixed, edited by Daphne Lee and published by ZI Publications (2011). Su and her Natural Love for Swimming is based on the folktale about a girl who was kidnapped by an orangutan, and will be narrated in a later episode.

Biography: Born in Tawau, Malaysia, Ann Lee is a playwright and researcher. Her plays are published in Sex, Stage & State: Kuali Works plays (Parama Adhi Perkasa, 2011) and Southeast Asian Plays (Aurora Metro, 2016). She was Artistic Director of Kuali Works, an all-women theatre group for over a decade and is immediate past Protem Chair of the Women Writers Committee, PEN Malaysia (chapter of PEN international). She is also a committee member of ReformARTsi, an independent coalition of over 100 Malaysian arts organisations and individuals, advocating reform in arts education, arts funding, and freedom of expression. Read more: https://listenbyheart.webprojx.com/2021/07/29/drannlee/

About the Listen by Heart Podcast

You have been listening to Jasmine Low’s Audio Journey experience, presenting Season Two of Listen by Heart: Voices of the Women of the South China Seas starting with Dr. Ann Lee.

Our purpose: Listen by Heart Podcast is an audio project that sets out to record and archive stories from women of the South China Sea, an area of much interest lately. As we document and record all of these stories, we will also be digitising and creating an online presence for women of Southeast Asian heritage and honouring the women who came before them.

Our Mission: Listen By Heart Podcast aims to serve as the Sentinels of the South China Sea, keeping our region at peace.

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Would you have a tale to share or know somebody who does? Do you identify as a woman with heritage from the nations encircling the contentious South China Sea? Wherever you are in the world, we'd love to hear from you...


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