Tips to Stop Beating Yourself Up So Much on Your Weight Loss Journey


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You may be wondering,how can I ever feel good about myself when I’ve fallen off track, didn’t track my calories or macros today, ate like junk, didn’t work out, look gross on camera, didn’t hit my step count, etc? ⁣

I know first hand, how it feels like to always feel like what you’re doing isn’t enough on your weight loss journey. ⁣

But know that beating yourself up to make a change, is not how change will occur, or last.⁣

In this episode, here's the tips you can start to use to stop beating yourself up so much.

1) Through not judging your actions as good or bad,⁣
2) For not name calling yourself for being on track or off.⁣
3) By nourishing your body by taking the time to make some food that you enjoy and that makes you feel your best.⁣
4)For putting yourself first.⁣
5)Through not restricting more calories or carbs.⁣
6)For not doing more and more cardio.⁣
7)For taking a rest day even if it was unplanned. ⁣
8) Letting go of the super high expectations you place on yourself. ⁣
9) Knowing that this doesn’t mean you are less than or like you won’t accomplish your goal. ⁣
10) For not comparing yourself to other women’s success because your success is just as amazing. ⁣

If you’ve been struggling with repeating this cycle of beating yourself up, I’ve created the Overcoming Self Sabotage on Your Weight Loss, Fitness & Health Journey Guide to Journaling & Self Reflection.⁣

Filled with self reflection exercises to help you understand why you actually beat yourself up ⁣
A thoughts, workout, nutrition, tracker, to help you learn what triggers your tendency to beat yourself up & more….⁣

This guide will help give you easy tools to implement every day in your life so that this cycle can end, and so that you CAN accomplish your goal, with less guilt and need for perfectionism, along the way. ⁣

This free guide will be Friday. I am so excited to give this to you.

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