The Benefits of Different Types of Exercise on Your Weight Loss & Fitness Journey


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Way back when I used to think that if my workouts didn’t cause me be sore, sweaty, exhausted, or didn’t have a high enough calorie burn….that they were a waste.

I struggled with the all or nothing mentality surrounding my workouts, and was such a perfectionist that I wouldn’t work out at all if my workouts couldn’t be 2 hours.

As my journey went on, I knew that lifting weights was the best way for me to lose body fat, gain muscle, and get stronger, and I learned that I didn’t have to do so much cardio to have effective workouts.

I found the beauty in my physical strength after years of trying to be as small as possible.

But as I got older, and life gave me different day to day demands, I started to explore additional forms of exercise that made me feel good, strong, and best of all…allowed me to not JUST focus on my what my body looked like, but what it was capable of doing.

Another great thing, I learned what types of exercise truly helped me manage stress and anxiety, and helped me be the overall more calm person I want to be.

Through learning more about myself, I gained confidence.

I learned the benefits of all of the 3 different types of exercise I share with you in the episode, and the purpose they each serve me in my life, body, health, and mental health.

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