Episode 89 - How to use -shi (when there are two or more reasons/causes)


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Verb +し、

いAdjective +し、

なAdjective +だし、

1. When you want to mention not just one, but two or more reasons, you can use し in place of から. し usually follows a predicate in the short form. In present tense sentences, だ appears with な-adjectives and nouns, but not with い-adjectives.


Because I'm hungry and thirsty, I need to eat something now.


Because it's weekend and the weather is nice, the park was packed with people


Because today I have free time, I have no work, so I will play a game all day long.


Because there are many people, things are expensive, air is bad, this is not a very good place.


Because it's cold today, I won't go anywhere.


Because it's raining, I will already go back home.

2. It expresses feelings such as "further more" or "in addition". These feelings are further strengthened if 「も」or「は」are used, in place of 「が」



It's raining, we don't have time, so let's take a taxi.



I have a slight fever and headache so I will go back home.


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