37. Finding Peace When Your Family Member Is An Active Addict with Crystal Hansen


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Drug addictions are no longer something that only happens to people we don’t know or in low income areas. Chances are you know someone personally either in your family or friend circle who has or is suffering from a drug addiction. The LDS community is not immune from the grips of substance abuse.

In situations where there is an addiction, much of the focus is placed on the addict themselves making sure they get the treatment and help they need. But there are others who also suffer not from the drugs themselves but in dealing with the effects the addicts choices have had on their lives.

Today, Crystal Hansen opens up about what it’s like having a father who is addicted to drugs and how over the years she has had to learn to set healthy boundaries so that she can not only take care of herself but also have a much better relationship with her father. Through her own experiences she is helping coach those in a similar situation so they too can learn to care for themselves when helping a family member addicted to drugs.

To continue the conversation with Crystal, please join us on Clubhouse September 16th @ 1pm MDT. Click HERE for the link.

For more information and available downloads, go to: https://ldslifecoaches.com/

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