E13 CA Kanooble: Prepare Ahead of Time for Giving Birth, and Do Your Research- improperly inserted epidural, traumatic first birth, importance of support system


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CA Kanooble is a comedian, author, podcast host, and mental health advocate. But before all that, she became a mom.
CA expected a calm, supportive birthing environment for her first-time experience. But instead, she was neglected, disrespected, and uncared for. She still has long-lasting effects from the epidural that was improperly inserted multiple times. Instead of wanting to remember every bit of becoming a mom, she wishes she could forget most of her experience.
In this episode, she shares how she wishes she was more prepared for giving birth, and had done more research on what to expect. She also shares the importance of having a strong support system, and how to make your voice heard during labor.
You can find CA Kanooble:
Her Website: https://www.cakanooble.com/
Her Mental Health Project: https://www.mentallykillproject.org/
Her Podcast: Hoe on the Go

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