Ep 48: T1D Tips with Jessica Hrdlicka: Master Your Baselines for Better Blood Sugar Management


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What's the most important area to master in your diabetes management before all else? You guessed it, your baselines. While there's such an emphasis on lifestyle, diet and exercise on blood sugars, the easiest area to overlook in having trust, ownership and predictability in your management is understanding how to test, assess and adjust your basal rates, carb ratios and correction factors.

Inside this episode, our Keeping it 100 Nutrition Coach Jessica Hrdlicka goes through the importance of mastering your baselines, where to start, and how to walk into your next endocrinologist appointment with a brand new lens.



  • (1:37): Type 1 Tips & Introducing Jess
  • (2:29): What does it look like to master your baselines?
  • (4:22): What does it look like if your baselines are off?
  • (5:35): Where is the best place to start?
  • (6:53): When is a good time to investigate?
  • (10:42): Mastering Your Baselines Boot Camp
  • (11:57): Thank you

Disclaimer: Nothing inside of Keeping it 100 Radio or our resources is intended as medical advice. Always consult a physician before making changes to your insulin doses, diet or general wellness.

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