You Should Learn to Create Wealth by Becoming an Angel Investor. Here is WHY!


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In this very personal and direct video/podcast message, Karen Rands shares the financial and emotional benefits of being an Angel Investor -- whether you claim it as a Compassionate Capitalist, Silent Partner, Right Quadrant Business Owner & Investor, or Crowdfunding Investor. Karen shares her 'aha moment' of realizing that 7 Million people in the USA collect a pay check that easily puts them into the income bracket to invest and own small amounts of other entrepreneurs' businesses in order to share in their financial success without all the risks of starting and owning that business themselves. The average rate of return for the angel investor, that takes time to learn how to evaluate the merits of an entrepreneur's opportunity and develop a diversified portfolio, far exceeds that of real estate and the stock market. Karen will be offering a special opportunity in June - Hump Month - for those investors who plan to invest in a private company this year. To get details of the deal, Investors need to sign up for access to the ISAV Resource Portal and their free entry level membership in the National Network of Angel Investors by then. Find the access code in her book Inside Secrets to Angel Investors. Get the book (PB $19.95 / Kindle $9.99 on Amazon) ASAP so you won't miss this opportunity that will save investors time and money and potentially their entire angel investment. Not sure -- get the free ebook - 12 Inside Secrets explained Get access to all episodes of The Compassionate Capitalist Movement and links to the podcast player platform at Watch Video:

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