How to Increase Employee Productivity and Make More Money with Brandon Miller


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When business owners focus on the strengths of their employees, rather than their shortcomings, they will understand how to boost performance and profit. 'No one wakes up and says I want to be an average employee today (sic)', Brandon Miller during the show. When you empower employees to become peak performers, everyone wins, including the owners and investors in that company. Brandon Miller shares with Karen how he works with Executive Teams to find the strengths of the management and employees, as individuals, an integral part of the human machine of the company to be fine tuned. You will hear how to identify and fix these growth killers: disengagement, disappointment, and generational silos to build a thriving corporate culture that achieves its objectives. Brandon Miller is the Founder and CEO of 34 Strong. Brandon is one of the FIRST 7 Certified GALLUP Clifton Strengths Finder Coaches in the world. 34 Strong is a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to improving employee engagement. Brandon has nearly 15 years of experience providing specialized leadership training, coaching, advising, and facilitating. Learn More: Karen Rands is the Founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement. Her strategic consulting, coaching and training services are offered to entrepreneurs and investors, to make it easier for investors to invest in entrepreneurs that have what it takes to succeed and along the way bring innovation to market, scale their company, create jobs and lead to a lucrative exit for the founders and investors. Visit for more information. Go to to get the best selling book that launched a movement. Watch Youtube:

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