S1. Ep13 -Season Wrap-up episode - Making sense of systems justice


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It’s hard to believe that the ‘Just for a Change' powered by the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship is wrapping up it’s first season! When this podcast launched in the middle of the pandemic last year it was a leap into the unknown and it’s really special to reflect back on all the episodes so far in this wrap-up episode of season one. Podcast hosts Kentse Radebe, Simnimkiwe Xanga and Fergus Turner gather together to reflect on their highlights from each episode and frame this in such a great way, delving deeper into the topic of what it really means to make sense of systems justice. The backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly given us a lot of food for thought and has merely exposed many systemic cracks that have been there for a long time. According to a great article by Anna Birney from the School of Systems Change at Forum for the Future there are 5 key components of creating lasting impact. Using these elements as a framework Kentse, Simni and Fergus discuss things like diagnosing systemic issues and then designing solutions that solve these things. It’s so important to innovate and collaborate - but what does this really look like on the ground? And how does one even begin to lead in creating change when the future is so uncertain? Some great news is that the Just for a Change podcast will be back in July 2021 with season two! The podcast hosts also share with you what you can look forward to in this second season. One thing is certain - if you enjoyed season one, then you definitely don’t want to miss season two. Hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss the launch of season two coming soon. The links you need to know about: https://medium.com/school-of-system-change/what-are-the-capabilities-we-need-for-system-change-cba2047a4ffb https://www.forumforthefuture.org/school-of-system-change medium.com · www.forumforthefuture.org · S1. Ep13 - Season Wrap up - Transcript.pdf — PDF (140.4 KB)

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