86: Douglas Murray: The War On The West: how to prevail in the age of unreason


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Our guest today is Douglas Murray, best-selling author of The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity and Islam and The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity - and now he’s back with The War On The West, how to prevail in the age of unreason. All the narratives and norms, the assumptions which underpin our understanding of the societies in the West we grew up in are under attack - from within. Much of it is being fought through just one single prism, race. He examines how Western civilisation and its achievements in culture, science medicine and free thought, not to mention how these were hard fought for and won, are being challenged by universities, corporations, broadcasters and the church, in what looks like a wilful self-immolation. And these anti-Western attacks also go after Jews and Israel. But what’s the purpose of it? When will this debt be paid off by Western nations and their biggest populations? What’s the end game - and what are the consequences? Is this how civilisations come to an end? What do we do? And if some of these progressive arguments prevail, can we all continue to live together in tolerance? Before you pack your bags, let Douglas present his arguments! Jonny Gould’s Jewish State is brought to you with UK Toremet, Promoting Philanthropy.

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