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Welcome all to IS PHARMACOLOGY DIFFICULT Podcast! I am Dr Radhika Vijay.
In today's episode, I will be emphasizing the hand in hand coordination of knowledge and wisdom. To start with, I will tell you the essence of knowledge of Drug elimination kinetics. I will define the topics and areas it covers, what all and why do we need to know it thoroughly!!
The beginnings will be stated by defining the subhead for the day and it sounds like 'Drug Clearance". I will first be defining it, then I will give the formula for it. Next, I will be telling you about important implications and noteworthy essence of different aspects, situations and conditions of clearance!
What concerns and cautions govern the drug administration? How does the clearance refers to creatinine clearance? All will be made crystal clear. In a way, I will put your brains to exercise for computing the sumtotal value of clearance by knowledge of renal and hepatic clearance. With signature remarks about the values of renal clearance in relation to Glomerular filtration Rate and tubular secretion and before that a few comments about plasma half life, I will be calling it for the day, hope you find a certain meaningful value out of today's convo..,till we chat next, a soft bbyee....
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