Stage Manager and the Apple Studio Display with Brian Baggett (iPad Pros - 0144)


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The iPadOS 16 beta is now a couple weeks old and in this episode we will be sharing our experiences using it. Brian Baggett of the Infinite Loopback podcast was at the top of my list to hear from as he is one of the few people I know that has the Apple Studio Display and I was super curious to hear what it is like using the iPad Pro with a 5K external display. So we dive into what that experience is like and much more.

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Chapter Markers

00:00:00: Opening

00:01:58: Brian Baggett

00:02:31: Apple Studio Display

00:10:46: Larger iPads?

00:15:52: 5K vs 4K

00:19:26: New Setups

00:21:28: Live Captions

00:21:48: PIP and Quick Notes

00:23:20: Deleted Messages

00:23:53: Extracting Subject of Photo

00:25:11: Weather app

00:26:29: Apple Studio Speakers

00:28:08: PS Remote Play on External Monitor

00:30:53: Window Setups and Descript on Mac

00:36:31: How do you have your iPad setup next to your monitor?

00:38:23: Sponsor: Agenda 14

00:41:28: Single Stage?

00:42:58: Switching off SM

00:44:13: The Modular iPad

00:44:50: Flipping the Studio Display

00:46:17: Files vs Finder

00:48:54: DriverKit Hopes

00:53:22: Beta 1

00:59:17: FaceTime Invitation

01:00:52: Collaboration

01:03:29: Using Mac setups

01:05:03: Studio Display Ports?

01:10:19: M2

01:14:58: 2 Computers in One

01:18:50: Better tablet mode

01:23:34: No Man's Sky

01:24:30: Infinite Loopback

01:24:55: Closing

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