15. Social media - the good, the bad, and the ugly


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Social media can be a fabulous, supportive place to be, or it can be a really negative place to be. After taking some criticism for a video that I posted on tiktok I'm talking about what we assume of people by looking at them, what our weight on the scales, our diet, our genes, and calorie counting all really mean for our health. I'm also talking about a video that I saw on social media that really pulled at my heartstrings.
This week I'm answering a listener question - what's the difference between mindful eating and intuitive eating, or are they the same?
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Please note, this podcast is intended to be general information for entertainment purposes only. Any figures quoted are correct at the time of recording. As always, please seek the support of a registered professional before making changes to your diet or lifestyle⁠, or if you feel that you are affected by any of the topics discussed.

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