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INNERSIGHT FREEDOM NURSING FACILITIES KILL PEOPLE, GET RID OF THEM IN MEMORY OF SUZANNE TARAZI-FERRARO'S GREAT GRANDMA, TWO GRANDMAS, PARENTS, AND PATERNAL AUNT. CURRENTLY SUZANNE'S MATERNAL AUNT FRIEDA IS AT RISK OF GOING INTO A NURSING FACILITY! We are starting a show on Wednesday nights 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm on our podcast, which will be about the nursing facility issue. The primary purpose is to get rid of nursing facility, they kill people We are going to redirect the money that goes to the agencies to the individual people and place the money in a debit card to keep them out of a nursing facility. “Volunteers for Freedom” program will be compensating volunteer homecare workers for their work by using private funds raised by the agencies to keep people out of nursing facilities. The volunteer home-care worker will be given a choice of what bills they would like INNERSIGHT INC. to pay for their volunteer service. Suzanne Tarazi-Ferraro “Suz” Host will be reporting on the unheard voices of the disabled and elderly by creating a path to freedom “Suz with the news” listen in and hear the horrific stories straight from the confines of the nursing homes and how INNERSIGHT INC. is getting people out. SUZANNE TARAZI-FERRARO "SUZ" HOST/ENGINEER FRANK PERINO CO-HOST INNERSIGHT MEANS FREEDOM ADVOCATES FOR THE DISABLED

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