::: UNDER A SAG MOON ::: a series of meditations inspired by star weather (astrology)


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::: UNDER A SAG MOON ::: is in a series of podcasts of meditations inspired by Star Weather / Astrology

This is a combination of Cierra's notes from our conversations with a little bit of a conversation among Kyriel Clark, Cierra Treloar and Willy Siegel.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Rhythm, and the power and openness it inspires
  • Connection inspired by Astrological Conversations
  • Honesty and Intention
  • Risings / Ascendants, what they are and how they function at the poles
  • For homework, set an intention for a meditation session. For example, an intention I set for a meditation session was “I intend to explore my relationship to weak vibes”

Here is a loose transcript

Hi Hello, Hello Hi, we are back. This is a part of our Under a Virgo Moon series. Where in we wonder what is the star weather and what meditations can we pull from it? In this episode we are exploring rhythm, risings and the mood of the moon.

I am a baby astrologer so this is a lot of new information for me..for example, I named a week long series after a Virgo Moon and then found out that the Moon shifts every 2.5 days to a new sign. So right now we are under a Sagittarius Moon.

I just read about the beginner’s mindset being valuable, mostly because we are asking questions. And questions are creating all these vacuums in the universe that are generating power.

What else generates power? Rhythm generates power. This is one of the reasons I am infatuated with rhythm.

Another reason is that the better I am at maintaining a rhythm, the better I am at being in my body and understanding what are the subtle changes that are affecting it.

So, when we are in a rhythm, we feel secure enough in our bodies to be open to information coming in. The information is always coming.

We are constantly dancing with the changes in our surroundings,

and from this rhythmic and therefore open state, we engage the ability to be inspired by our dance partners and to adopt the moves of theirs that we want.

This awareness is all we need to reprogram our responses to an onslaught of vibes.

Onslaught of vibes, its a dancing partner, its the weather. With awareness, we are able to use weather and its changes as fuel to breathe and to love.

This is one reason why we are fascinated by astrology. Because it is trying to calculate the astrological bodies’ rhythms. It is aware of cycles. Everything moves in rhythmic spirals, and we’ve been compiling notes of what the pulls and postures are of the moon and planets and stars are for ages. It’s the same reason I trust an acupuncturist to put a needle in my pinky finger; people have been putting needles in pinky’s for 5000 years, there are energy pathways in the body, we can’t see them, we know about them though. That is to say, like acupuncture, astrology is a practiced discipline with deep roots.

Beyond it’s tried and true-ness, the conversations I have had have won me over. Combining self-awareness with spatial awareness and sharing that among friends is a recipe for connection. Therefore astrological conversations used to stress me out, I’m a scorpio sun sign, people hear that and are like “oooooooh” or “oooooo” and I’m like, this is judgemental, its not my style. People are getting excuses to hate each other. But I’ve had enough conversations that left me breathing easier that I’m open to it now. I’ve seen it connect people to others and themselves; and that’s my favorite thing in the world, so I’m into it.

Okay, lets get into rhythm, to do so, I’ll lead us in 5 minutes of breathing with a metronome. And I’ll say mantras related to the organs related to a Sagittarius moon, cuz that’s what we are under at the moment:

Here is a metronome at 100 bpm.

Sag Moon which is the helper of the liver, hips, thighs, and sacrum

Sacrum, I am the power and authority in my life

Thighs, I forgive easily

Hips, there is joy in every day, I am balanced and free, I move with with ease and joy

Liver, love and peace are what I know, I choose to live through the open space in my heart, I look for love and I find it everywhere

Cool, what else can the moon tell us?

What is the moon, the mood, the mood of the moon and our mood too

Today the moon is in Sagittarius.

Under this moon we are collectively meditating on what is honesty

What is sincere, what is direct, what is expressive?

I tried to believe for a while that honesty had a lot to do with words, so I minimized my language to use only the words that were actionable and simple.

This made me cringe at all the words that were abstract that had a variety of meanings, like the word really.

Really became a trigger word and sent me into a spiral like:

I don’t know what that means, I don’t know what that means to you, nobody knows what that means, whats more when everythings enough? We don’t need the word

Then I said really one time when I wasn’t paying attention. And I realized it worked just fine. That whatever was choosing my words, its okay to trust it. Sometimes I say words that are weird to me but the other person understands, so I figure it is some intrinsic knowing that is choosing the words, the honesty is in my intention. The honesty is in my delivery.

Something comes in me, not sure what it is, then it comes out of me, and I just trust it all the way

Here is an example of the value of words versus intention and rhythm:

When I am in a hurry and I say:

Iiiiii aaaaaaaam iiiiiiin aaaaaaaaa huuuuuurrrrrrryyyyyyyy,

Or when I’m going sloooow I can say “i’m slow” all fast, and we speed right on up.


What else is honest?

Emotions and feelings

Our expression, Our attitude, Our posture, Our energy

Why do we blame the stars and the sun and the moon?

its a common ground, its the commons, its a nice place to meet.

Its where we put our emotions and our fantasies and our memories our realities

In order to compare them. And validate our lives, we thrive on making connections and feeling connected. It is as vital to us as sunshine and water.

Here is a story of connection:

Two days ago, I hung out with two friends that I used to hang out with 20 years ago.

We were comparing notes. We were all shocked by how different our lives look than how we envisioned them, yet we are all satisfied with our lives.

We were laughing and agreeing the same amount we used to, but at different things than we used to.

How does that happen? How can everything that mattered not matter anymore?

We can blame age, the stars, neurotransmitters, parents, we can try to talk about what its not all day, we can try to label it all day,

But all that leads up to the same thing: to trust the phenomena of connection,

to trust that it will still be there next time,

when all the other circumstances are different the connection will still be there.

This is the connection that occurs when I have conversations about astrology. We agree and connect, we connect to ourselves then to others and to stars.

One more topic to cover in this episode:


An ascendant

A Rising is said to be “the mask we wear”. Another way to say that is: that our rising is how we awaken to the new.

It is the personality people see when they first meet us. It is our social approach.

Therefore it is our interface with the world.

Our personal rising sign is determined by whatever constellation is ascending over the eastern horizon wherever you are taking your first breath.

This changes often, and consistently at the equator, but because the earth is tilted, in the upper and lower latitudes some constellations spend a lot more time creeping over the horizon than others

What I’m determining from that information is that St. Petersburg Russia, has a lot more people with ascendants in Leo, Scorpio , Virgo and Libra

And Concepción, Chile hosts a lot more people with ascendants in Aquarius, Taurus, Capricorn and Gemini

At the poles this is all wonky, so here is a long quote from the polar astrologer Andrew J. Bevan, from their website, astronor.com: -

“Houses appear to be of different size but are all actually equally large and that it all is a matter of how the apple is divided into slices.

Astrology is a language and a matter of dialects. If one approach doesn’t work, we can always adopt and approach the problem from a different angle. If the chart doesn’t show houses, then maybe you didn’t need them for the chart, or the question wasn’t radical. Their question and approach lacks focus and is void.”

I like how he says that astrology is a language. That is what I love about it, the poetry, the matching of words to phenomena. Also, what I gleaned from his quote is that the honesty of the reading of the stars is found in its intention.

So, for homework, set an intention for a meditation session. For example, an intention I set for a meditation session was “I intend to explore my relationship to weak vibes”

My intention for this podcast is to connect with others, Puzzles land in my lap, I connect the dots and get so jazzed that I want to share this feeling with the world.

I’m looking at you in the eye saying thank you. I love you. You’re essential to my breathing. Thanks for breathing with me.

i feel validated and courageous,

i Know your intention is true and will be true, even if the words change, I trust our connection.

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