Stuck at Band 6.5, ignored one of the biggest unwritten rules in IELTS, and got Band 7!


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Anabel is a successful IELTS student originally from Cuba. She has three bilingual children and will soon head to the London School of Economics to start her Masters in Law.

She took the exam in Mexico City and in London.

Now she passed her IELTS test and wants to share some of the tips and secrets that helped her do so well.

In total, she took the test four times. She even did the British Council course offered to her while preparing in Mexico.

Her first results were Band 8 in Listening and Reading.

Band 6 in the Speaking (due to nerves and the examiner having a bad day!).

And then the dreaded Band 6.5 in writing.

In her Whatsapp group, all her colleagues were also stuck at 6.5!

Frustrated at being stuck at Band 6.5, Anabel’s husband started looking for solutions and found the Jump to Band 7 or it’s free online IELTS course.

With nothing to lose and total confidence in the refund promise, she started the course.

However, her exam was just in 2 weeks time, and the LSE course was also starting in September! Making it all a very stressful test preparation.

She started the course and did not even finish it!

Fortunately, after completing the first few modules the epiphanies started rolling in…

Anabel realised:

  • Only a few ideas are necessary for the Task 2 essay question
  • An essay framework and plan can remove all Task 2 anxiety
  • A plan for each Task 2 question type makes it ridiculously simple

Also due to feedback on her essays, she quickly spotted some of her grammar mistakes and could take action to fix them.

However, due to life getting in the way’ she ignored one of the most important rules in IELTS preparation:

She never even finished her online course! She did not even complete all the essay corrections she had bought!

But this did not stop her from getting her Band 7 in IELTS Writing.

With just the fast essay feedback we gave her, and the knowledge bombs from the online course modules, Anabel completed the writing task with ease.

Listen to the full interview to find out even more about Anabel’s successful IELTS preparation.

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