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Sabrina Ward Harrison published her first book, Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself, at the age of 23. Written between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one, Spilling Open was an intimate and moving picture of the contradictions young women face as they are asked to grow into societal norms of femininity. Her tender honesty and singular aesthetic energy turned Harrison into the voice of a generation.

Though she went on to publish four more books, to call Harrison an author isn’t accurate. Books were certainly her unique way to distribute the work, but her practice has always begun in her compositions. Harrison’s canvases – whether the pages of a book or a wood paneled painting – appear effortless; flowing bold, singular marks pivot and plot across colored fields of energy. These saturated areas of color, hand written words and beautifully worked surfaces, create a combination of iconography that is immediately recognizable and Harrison’s own. Marked by repetition, intuition, and cultural references – as well as an endurance of symbolism and diaristic expression – means there is an undeniable continuity in the vocabulary of Harrison’s work.

She has taught creativity worldwide for 2 decades with a belief she holds strong to, that, “we must create what we most need to find” This past year she has brought her teaching online and created 2 groundbreaking online course experiences. The first, Untether~ a course experience about creative freedom. Liberate, opening this May is a course about leaving your mark and creating the book you most want to find.

She and fellow painter and long time high school friend, Trent Reyonlds host the podcast, Room in the Trees which explores life as an artist in todays world.

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