The most valuable areas of Cape Town


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In our travels through the internet we've managed to find an interesting video show how you can map the economic prosperity of a city and show the areas that have the highest and lowet ROIs. We dive into this and see how it would apply to Cape Town and what it might mean to have no bicycles on the promenade - oh no!!

In this episode!! Jason walks in Edinburgh (1:30) It starts (2:29) mapping a city and overlaying the ROI (2:50) convenience of different areas and highly dense areas (5:45) the power houses of the city (7:20) South African context (9:10) another source of prosperity (11:00) thinking on the US commute (12:15) stress response of commutes (13:50) the anonymity of traffic (15:45) trouble on the Sea Point promenade (17:35) there might be a middle ground (22:00) but Herman disagrees (24:35) back to the original topic (26:20) highest revenue areas of Cape Town (28:00) what about Vredehoek (32:00) economies of scale (33:45) city kids have all the fun (35:30) nailed the topic - kinda (38:00).

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