#34 Scams & how to avoid them


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In this episode we talk about the darker side of the internet, the topic of scams. We uncover some of the scams that we've be affected by over the years and the types of scams that are out there. We also give a few top tips on how to stay vigilant online and avoid getting taken for a ride!


(0:45) Talking about Jim Browning and something you do when you're ill. (2:44) Some interesting tools to tackle scammers. (5:12) The episode has started and we have an ad! (6:12) Scams and the internet are almost synonymous. (7:14) A scam that Jason was involved with. (10:45) A really easy scam and how casinos work. (12:40) How similar gamification can arise in the online multiplayer gaming industry. (14:45) Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes (16:35) Herman's first time getting scammed. (20:55) An in-person scam in Bali. (23:58) Jason gets scammed in Turkey. (25:50) The type of cons that really get under Herman's skin. How you can edit web pages to fool old people. (28:15) One top tip to protect yourself online - know how scammers filter targets. (31:29) How to be suspicious online with passwords and credit card details. (33:05) HTTPs online and the not so secure nature of it. (34:45) Maximum return on investment on the internet and the close!

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