E13: Create Safety in your Body + Hormones using Breath with Megan Warren


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Welcome back to the Happily Hormonal Podcast. In this episode, Megan Warren, FDN-P and Transformational Life Coach is my guest and we’re talking about breathwork and how we can transform our health and our stress (for free) through the power of breath.
You may have heard me talking in the podcast about how important it is for our health and hormones to create safety in our bodies. Well, breathwork is a simple, easy, and effective tool to help you connect to your body, and if you actually take advantage of it, breathing functionally can make a huge, huge difference for you.
Today, we are going to tell you all you need to know about breathwork. You’ll learn to identify if your breathing is functional or dysfunctional and, if it is dysfunctional, how to fix it; some breathing techniques to help get you started; tips on how to start incorporating breathwork in your day, and more.
To help you really put this into action, at the end of the episode Megan is going to walk us through a breathing technique that will help you to get more clear and focused, feel better, and work on stress management.

In this episode:

  • [02:17] - What is breathwork and why do we need it?
  • [04:42] - Know if your breathing is functional or dysfunctional
  • [08:29] - The physiology behind functional breathing
  • [12:40] - Dealing with stress and anxiety by working on your mind, body, and breath
  • [15:32] - How to get started even if your days are busy and stressful
  • [21:38] - What bringing breathwork into your life can do for you
  • [29:57] - Do some breathwork with Megan


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- Book a breakthrough and breathing assessment call with Megan HERE
- Join the Breathwork Community Circle (monthly)

Connect with Leisha

Instagram: @leishadrews
Website: abundant-lifewellness.com

Connect with Megan

Megan Warren is a Transformational Health & Life Coach who empowers individuals to live their most healthy and fulfilled lives through a Mind/Body approach that maximizes energy production and productivity while minimizing stress and burnout.
Instagram: @iammeganwarren
Email: megan@forgivingbelly.com
Website: forgivingbelly.com
Disclaimer: Information shared on this podcast and any referenced websites are not to be taken as medical advice or to be used as a diagnosis or treatment plan for any medical condition. I’m sharing my educated opinions & experience but nothing shared here can be taken on a one size fits all basis and we always recommend you do your own research, talk to your own doctors and practitioners, and take full responsibility for any health & medical choices you make.

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