Episode 12: Friday the 13th Showdown


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In the Final Showdown of Year 1, the wheel gave graced us with one of the biggest horror franchises of all time Friday the 13th. But which summertime slasher is best? It's:
Friday the 13th (1980)


Friday the 13th Part IV The Final Chapter (1984)


Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives (1986)

If Brian holds onto his title, he'll finish Year 1 with the first three peat in Halloween is Forever history. Will Meg be carried to glory by big, sweaty, Italian hands, or are her chances on loan from better movies? Can Steve overcome his string of bad luck for the win, or will his hopes go out the window like a Tina? Will Brian be laughing his way to another win, or is his reign sunk to the bottom of a lake?
Tune in as three mutant horror nerds rip each other’s guts out on the way to deciding who’s film reigns supreme!

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