Interview with Joel Sandoval, CPA, Tax Savings Master


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Today we have a special guest with us who I think you will find to be extremely knowledgeable in helping us save in taxes, so we keep as much as we possibly can to grow our business and maybe even pay ourselves a bit more. Joel Sandoval, CPA, is a successful entrepreneur and tax mastermind. He has a passion for helping business owners maximize their profits by reducing their taxes. His firm has clients all over the United States which he meets with virtually on a regular basis to ensure he is doing everything he can by being proactive. Sandoval Tax CPAs, on average, save business owners anywhere from $30k to $50k in taxes EVERY year. Here are some questions I asked Joel that you will benefit from by listening to his interview: 1. What's the number one reason that most small business owners are overpaying in taxes? 2. What can small business owners do differently with their accountants to help them pay less taxes? 3. Why do most small business owners wait until the last minute to think about taxes? 4. What would small business owners do if they are behind on their taxes? 5. What are some of the options for small business owners that can't afford to pay their taxes at tax time? 6. Talk a little about any new tax laws that might be affecting us. 7. Talk about SEP IRAs and how they benefit business owners. For a Joel Sandoval’s Tax Secrets FREE Tax Assessment for Business Owners, go to Now! Get your Free Tax Assessment today. You can find my interview with Joel Sandoval at,,, and on most podcast platforms and in most English-speaking countries. Subscribe and get notified every time a new episode is released. Get a daily Accountability Minute single, simple, doable idea, so you can start your day off on the "right foot", by subscribing to The Accountability Minute at or subscribe based on your country and podcast platform preference. The Accountability Minute on Amazon's Alexa in the USA: The Accountability Minute on Alexa in Canada: The Accountability Minute on Alexa in Australia: The Accountability Minute on Alexa in UK: Want timely and relevant information to help you make more money and work less, so you can enjoy your ideal business and ideal life? Subscribe to my business success tips blog by going to Feel free to share this with others who you think would get value.

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