10 Consistent Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs


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The most successful entrepreneurs have a foundation of creating good habits or setting up a system to make tiny changes that deliver big results. With everything you have to do each day, your time is very precious, and it’s incredibly important for you to be intentional with each minute that you have. Creating daily habits will not only help your efficiency, it will also help you to grow and become a better person over time. Here are ten habits of successful entrepreneurs that you can implement into your daily life or implement even better. 1. Create a Routine When you have a set routine, you know what comes next and don’t need to spend time figuring out how to make the most of your day. Start with a set morning routine, whether that’s exercising in the morning, taking the dog for a walk, enjoying breakfast with your family, or going straight into your workday. If you’re a morning person, your routine might start with a 6am jog, breakfast, and coffee while you read a motivational blog or watch a YouTube video. Whatever your routine, stick to it for success that lasts. 2. Use Time Blocking for Ultimate Productivity Time blocking is the act of scheduling out each moment of your day on your calendar (https://www.accountabilitycoach.com/how-to-increase-your-business-efficiency-with-calendar-time-blocks/). You can set aside time for your morning workout, a time for emails (which I strongly recommend is not first thing in the morning), or a time to work on the vision for your company. By focusing on each activity during a specific time block, you can and will increase your productivity, rather than being pulled in many directions. Did you know that some of the most productive people in the world swear by time blocking? Ever heard of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Michael Hyatt, or Cal Newport? Yep – all time-blockers. They’re squeezing every drop of productivity from their days, and so can you. 3. Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone The most successful entrepreneurs are constantly pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. Make a habit of going out of your comfort zone, whether it’s saying yes to things you normally wouldn’t, or taking something just one step farther. Do something that scares you—if you have a healthy relationship with fear, you will grow as both an individual and a successful entrepreneur. 4. Break Down Large Goals into Smaller Goals When you create habits for yourself, you want to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. You can do so by breaking down large goals into smaller, more achievable ones. In fact, sometimes even the smallest changes lead to the biggest results. Bigger goals can be intimidating, but setting and reaching smaller goals can give you a sense of accomplishment that propels you forward. Track your progress along the way, and tweak your goals from a micro-level as you learn from the process. 5. Practice Daily Gratitude Practicing gratitude should be a part of your daily routine as a successful entrepreneur. It can have a positive effect on your energy, your resilience, and ultimately, your business. Studies have shown that practicing gratitude can lead to positive emotional and physical health, which can lead to greater productivity. It is a mindset that needs to be cultivated regularly, and you can do so by keeping a gratitude journal, expressing gratitude daily to team members, clients, family, friends, or peers, and appreciating the people that have helped get you to where you are today. To download my complimentary Gratitude Journal Exercise, go to https://www.accountabilitycoach.com/gratitude/. 6. Set Boundaries Setting boundaries is a habit that may take more time for some more than others to practice. It’s not always easy, but it can show you where your energy is best spent. Your boundaries may range from not checking your phone too often, to deciding how much time to speed on one task versus others. Once your boundaries are defined and set, you can more clearly see the priorities and goals needed for your success. 7. Invest in Your Team While investing in your team financially is a great practice, it’s even more important to invest in the well-being of your team. Take time to check in on your team members each day and be transparent about what you’re working on, especially if providing context will help set them up for success. A truly motivated team is one that knows with absolute certainty that their leader is behind them 100 percent. 8. Set Aside Time for Creative Thinking A great habit to practice is setting aside time for creative thinking. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your business is to allow space and time to innovate, without taking immediate action. When you’re blocking time on your calendar, set aside a few hours each week to think about your vision for your business, other companies you can collaborate with, and the initiatives you think will lead to greater success. 9. Stay Physically Active Studies show that regular exercise can increase happiness and improve your energy levels and overall mental health. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs, including Sir Richard Branson and Tim Cook, include exercise among their daily habits. Exercising can also increase creativity and give you the energy needed to tackle the mountains of tasks you have throughout the day. 10. Never Stop Learning Curiosity is an underrated key to success, and it’s important to never stop learning. When you’re learning new things, you’re constantly generating new ideas or innovative solutions to problems. Having a growth mindset allows you to find success by learning from your mistakes and improving upon them. It also helps you to welcome new challenges and increases your resilience to failure. When you never stop learning, you increase your own potential for growth and increased success. Start simple and don’t try to change your life overnight. Choose several of these habits and commit to doing them daily (or doing them even better than you are doing them now), and then increase the length of time you are practicing them. When you make the habits easier to achieve in the beginning, you may experience a rush of dopamine as you accomplish them each day, which will lead to a cycle of continuing to do them until they actually become habits you incorporate naturally into your life. For more help with growing your business and accelerating your results, reach out to me today and schedule your complimentary consultation. Aim for what you want each and every day! Anne Bachrach The Accountability Coach™ The Results Accelerator™ Want more from me? 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