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What makes Greenlight Guru unique and sets it apart from other medical device solutions? It’s Guru edge⁠—a team of medical device professionals with a ton of industry experience.

In this episode of the Global Medical Device Podcast Jon Speer talks to Maryann Mitchell, a Medical Device Guru and Solutions Engineer who has recently joined the Greenlight Guru team.

Listen as Maryann shares fascinating details about her day-to-day working with device companies who are evaluating the Greenlight Guru Medical Device Success Platform (MDSP) to better understand their product and business needs and how Greenlight Guru's MDSP solution can help them achieve ultimate success.

Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • Maryann’s background is in quality systems initiatives, and she has extensive experience with ISO 13485. She loves being a part of audits and truly enjoys defending quality systems.
  • While Maryann has been through numerous ISO 13485 audits, she has experienced only a few FDA inspections. She explains that there’s a whole different level of terror when it comes to the FDA.
  • Maryann was attracted to joining the Greenlight Guru team because of her interest in quality system software. She wanted to help the company sell its software and connect with customers and medical device companies.
  • Maryann shares some of her favorite stories working with companies trying to evaluate their options for quality systems. The best part is customers’ positive reactions during design control matrix and risk matrix demonstrations.
  • The benefits of Greenlight’s QMS include the ability to quickly and easily find and access visually appealing information and data. Ultimately, it helps people get through audits faster and be in compliance.
  • However, Maryann explains how and why EU MDR continues to be a challenge for medical device companies. Compiling records and evidence for submission as well as interconnectivity are just some of the bigger quality issues.
  • If the FDA transitions to the 13485 standard, Maryann believes the medical device industry shouldn’t panic but anticipate it. It would be better to have a harmonized way of auditing and inspecting companies.

Memorable quotes from Maryann Mitchell:

“I’ve lived and breathed the 13485, 820, all those fun standards, which I love. It’s really exciting and I love being in audits.”

“There’s a whole different level of terror when it comes to the FDA, but it was really exciting to be there. Thankfully, I wasn’t in the hot seat for those, but I was in the front room to participate.”

“Not just during an audit, but for your own internal quality, it’s just so much easier when your systems are connected, and that’s exactly what Greenlight offers to our customers.”

“You should always be audit ready.”


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