Trademark, Brand-Names & Intellectual Property Law Part 2


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With millions of people deciding during the pandemic that now was the moment to chase their dreams, a record number of new start-up businesses came in to play in 2021, a reported figure of 5.4 million. Choosing a company and a brand name, is part of the exciting and initial process of starting a new business, but even if you have owned your business for some time, who legally owns the name? If you have registered it at Companies House, would you automatically have any legal protection over the name, simply because you have been using it, if someone else makes a claim to it? What about if you have started a business with a friend, then which one of you owns the brand name, the logo and its intellectual assets? And how does material that we find online and use, fair-up on this topic? In this part 2 episode, our host Hatti Suvari and specialist barrister Nicole Bollard talk about how you can protect your brand name, idea or product; bringing you a brilliant insight in to the key and interesting points that you should consider when staring your business, creating or inventing your ideas and products, and what to look out for if you are already in business and you want to protect what you have!
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