Gentleman Jack Historical Nightcap - Crisis Amidst Endless Thirst & Grubbles: The Legend of Ann Walker Part I


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Hey ho! So we’ve actually managed to record an episode that exceeds five hours. Good lord, welp, instead of cutting out any of our drunk and jaunty rambles, we split this #HistoricalNightcap offering into two parts. In this first half, we revisit episode 5 of Gentleman Jack “Let’s Have Another Look at Your Past Perfect” once more, but this time with the invaluable insight of show creator Sally Wainwright. Immediately afterward, in response to a few listener requests, we do a deep dive into Angela Steidele’s book ‘Gentleman Jack: A biography of Anne Lister, Regency Landowner, Seducer and Secret Diarist’, where we discuss some of her controversial assertions and surprising revelations.

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Chapter Marks:

0:25 - Hey friends! We're back!

6:01 - America what is we doing? The ratings??

15:33 - Segment I: Script Breakdown with Sally

16:05 - A very different beginning with Ainsworth

20:56 - Missing dialogue from morning scene

28:07 - Harriet likes botany + Missing Cuvier flashback

33:39 - Adorable Ann Walker knows all the stories

37:06 - James makes Ainsworth uncomfortable

40:31 - How sensual is too sensual?

47:06 - Ainsworth is a bitch

48:50 - Sally explains how Henry will get to school

50:52 - Anne towers over Ainsworth in every way

57:36 - Harriet innocent where??

1:01:37 - Another deleted Eugenie scene

1:06:00 - Another women admires Anne Lister

1:08:32 - Whitley's: Where everybody knows Anne's name

1:11:21 - Tea with Mr. Abott

1:14:27 - Harriet turns up at Crow Nest

1:19:17 - Anne and the brute

1:24:16 - Segment II: An Examination of Angela Steidele’s book

1:29:36 - A "beguiling" Anne Lister

1:33:58 - The Ann(e)s vs Romanticized Het Couples

1:38:52 - We don't need a "perfect" queer hero

1:39:36 - Can a woman be "tricked" into a grubble?

1:42:39 - The Quadruple Grubble of Langton Hall

1:45:53 - Anne Lister was real life representation

1:47:07 - Revisiting the Ann(e)s first time "near queer"

1:49:13 - “And they both woke disappointed"

1:53:14 - Petty Anne Lister & her "criticism" of Anne Belcombe

1:55:22 - Anne Lister's kink for pence

1:58:56 - The gayest thing Anne Lister said to Mrs. Barlow

2:00:02 - Grubbling for the sake of grubbling

2:01:25 - Deconstructing "man keen" + Anne’s "preference for virgins".. again

2:07:20 - The beautiful extremes of Ann Walker's thirst

2:09:40 - Theories on the origin of Ann's pet name "Pony" for Anne

2:12:35 - We stand on the shoulders of our imperfect queer heroes

2:15:28 - Good Sex prescriptions and Ann Walker's night terrors

2:17:26 - Discussing the theory of Mrs. Priestley as Anne's "best friend"

2:20:46 - Right in front of my salad? At Lidgate??

2:26:54 - A drunk & jaunty fanfic fantasy; we have questions

2:33:50 - Everyone can find something to relate to with the Ann(e)s

2:38:06 - Discussing Ann's "repugnance towards men"

2:38:55 - Ann's torment with "homophobic scripture"

2:46:43 - Ann Walker was looking to upgrade herself

2:49:04 - “False declarations of love"

2:51:12 - “Only grubbling”… What is the value of a grubble

2:53:26 - In conclusion: Thank you & please READ ALL THE BOOKS

2:55:25 - Ann Walker deserves a holiday!

3:00:29 - Did you read the book? We'd love to hear your feedback


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