The Mature Series Part 2: What is Fur and Loathing


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The Mature Series from Furry, Explained, is an investigation into the adult side of the furry fandom, a side that is very controversial for those the general public and furries alike. We take a look into what has made this particular side of the fandom so divisive, and why, depending on who you ask, it is one of the best or worst parts about being a furry.
In Part 2 of The Mature Series, we talk about one of the most infamous pieces of media that depicts furries and the sexual side of the furry fandom. Fur and Loathing, an episode of the crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, featured members of the furry fandom as sexual deviants who think that deep inside, they actually are animals. This inaccurate view of the fandom was shown to millions of viewers in 2003, and on today's episode, we break down what exactly happened in that episode of CSI and how it's falsified view of furries specifically targeted and damaged the the image of the more adult side of the furry fandom.
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