36. Food is Neutral! Detaching Morality from Food w/ Christyna Johnson MS, RDN, LDN


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In today's episode of Full and Thriving: An Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast, Christyna Johnson MS, RDN, LDN, joins us to discuss detaching morality from food. Here, Christyna touches on her story of becoming a dietitian, what moralization of food is about, food neutralization, and the steps you can now take to detach from your own moralization of food. What is Christyna Johnson's favorite mantra on food neutralization? Find out in this episode of Full and Thriving: An Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast! A Check-up on How We View Food Why is it essential to assess how we view the food we eat? Aside from its effect on us, we should also be aware of how it affects our view of others in their relationship with food. Often, people's beliefs toward food don't remain personal, as Christyna has observed. One tendency is to put labels on the food we eat and then use that label to measure ourselves and other individuals. In this sense, food has become a criterion. Which is far from its role. Christyna and Meg discuss why this element of diet culture is so problematic. Today, diet culture expects everyone to have the same access, income, and time when choosing what to consume. If you raise that idea quickly, it's easy to disagree. But, if equalizing every person's access, buying power, and disposable time to food is far from what's possible in our reality, would it make sense to moralize everything that we eat? Find out how Christyna Johnson further unfolds the topic of moralizing food in this episode of Full and Thriving: An Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast! About Christyna Johnson MS, RDN, LDN: Christyna is a Christian who loves chai tea lattes, reading, and research. Her nutrition philosophy is rooted in the social justice framework of Health at Every Size (R) and seen through the lens of Intuitive Eating. Christyna Johnson MS, RDN, LD helps people find a peaceful and sustainable relationship with food and their body. Outline of the Episode: [02:20] Christyna Johnson – on becoming a dietitian [04:09] A story I cannot make up… [10:00] The Moralization of Food: Can food be good or bad? [12:57] How labeling the food we eat reflect back to us [14:46] Part of our autonomy is the right to choose what we want to eat. [16:32] Is it ok to eat frozen, canned, and pre-cooked food? [20:28] Your view on food may not be as liberating to others as much as it is to you [23:11] How do we neutralize food? [25:56] Christyna and Meg – on the fear people have regarding the responsibility towards diet [27:33] How can one start detaching from the moralization of food? If you or someone you know may be struggling in their relationship with food, use this FREE screening tool to help start the conversation: https://encouragingdietitian.com/resources/ Connect with Meg McCabe and the Full and Thriving Podcast on: Battle the voice of your eating disorder with Meg's 200 Recovery Affirmations and find meal support in their community of Lunch Warriors for FREE: http://www.meg-mccabe.com/freebies/ About out Host: Meg McCabe is a CCI Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and CEO and Founder of The Recovery Collective. She has lived experience with an eating disorder and now is passionately dedicated to helping others heal their relationship with food and their bodies. JOIN THE RECOVERY COLLECTIVE, an EATING DISORDER COMMUNITY FOR SUPPORTIVE FRIENDSHIP, RECOVERY INSPIRATION & EDUCATION: Website: recoverycollective.mykajabi.com Instagram: @the_recoverycollective Work with Meg: www.meg-mccabe.com Free Eating Disorder Recovery Meal Support every other Monday: www.facebook.com/groups/1004725343202999 BOOK A COACHING APPOINTMENT WITH MEG: megmccabe.as.me Follow Meg on Instagram: www.instagram.com/meg_mccabe/

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