10 | The Life Hack You Can Use to Feel More Peaceful and Less Stressed


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Well, hey there Friend! Welcome to the first ever Quick Tip Tuesday. These are going to be shorter episodes where I share a simple life hack or a simple business hack that will make things easier and more functional. Hey, who doesn't like a tip that can improve things just a little bit?

So today we're going to talk about when to get your gas.

And you may be thinking, "Kayla, I don't even have a car." That may be the situation depending upon where you live and how you roll. Or, you may be thinking, "Hey, I already know when to get gas. I don't need you to tell me about this."

But the simple tip I'm going to share today is something you can actually apply to a lot of different things.

The whole "get gas" thing is just a really practical example from my life to illustrate it. So even if you're 100% covered on the gas front, stick around, because I think this is going to help you.

In this episode we are talking about triggers/habit stacking and how this hack can help you feel more peaceful and less stressed.

Let's do it!

-- Kayla

Mentions: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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