BPD, Moral Discipline, Mountains, & Mildew: LJ is the MAN!


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Borderline Personality Disorder is a complex diagnosis. People with BPD often lack the confidence to set goals and maintain consistency to achieve these goals. Moral discipline and character development are seldom at the forefront of recovery in clinical settings as the goal is often emotional stabilization and engaging in skills-based treatment modalities. In this episode, I talk about how moral discipline has to be the foundation of our recovery journey, using our son, LJ, as an example of this. I am so proud of you, LJ. I know that this podcast will be part of my legacy, and I want to honor you today. You are a strong, capable young man. You are becoming an honorable individual and I love watching you grow. We love you and want our listeners to use your strength to fuel their recovery journeys this week! Borderline Personality Disorder recovery work is often painful and difficult. Listen in today to hear a message of hope and encouragement and to add being honorable to your moral compass! Remember to spread the word that BPD/CPTSD/EUPD are all disorders that hurt, though that we can recover from with tenacity, patient endurance, and hard work! Contact us today at 1-844-9-THRIVE. Jay@skeetersstrength.com OR Rose@skeetersstrength.com. Schedule a mindset coaching session today here: https://www.skeetersstrength.com/product/individual-sessions/ Get your gear here: https://thrive-merchandise.creator-spring.com/? Family and Friends Support Group every Thursday at 8:30 pm EST. Sign up here: https://www.skeetersstrength.com/product/family-and-friends-support-group-bpd-eupd-cptsd/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rose-skeeters/support

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