Modern Day Hero: NASA Astronaut Jim Wetherbee


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Heroes of Space. Part I

I have always had a fascination with heroic figures. In the modern world, it's difficult to think of a task requiring more courage and skill than flying as a test pilot -- unless of course you decide to go into space. Jim Wetherbee is one man who did both. A decorated Navy veteran, NASA pilot and commander, he later brought his skills to the private sector. It was here that he realized his experience could provide valuable lessons not just to businesses but to private citizens conducting mundane every day tasks. His book: Controlling Risk in a Dangerous World, provides not just incredible anecdotes from his extraordinary career. It also provides valuable guidance that each of us can apply to our every day lives. In this episode I have the honor to talk to the real-life spaceman who lived every kid's dream. I highly recommend Jim's book "Controlling Risk in a Dangerous World" which you can find on his official website: Jim Wetherbee as well as retailers including Amazon. Available in both hardcover and paperback, here is an overview: Jim Wetherbee, the only five-time Space Shuttle commander, presents thirty techniques that astronauts use—not only to stay alive in the unforgiving and deadly environment of space, but also to conduct high-quality operations and accomplish complex missions. These same techniques, based on the foundational principles of operating excellence, can help anyone be successful in high-hazard endeavors, ordinary business, and everyday life. Controlling Risk shows you how to embrace these techniques as a way of operating and living your life, so you can predict and prevent your next accident, while improving performance and productivity to take your company higher. You can also learn more about Jim at his official website: Episode Credits: Jim Wetherbee Capitan US Navy Ret., NASA Astronaut sound from Cover art: Space Shuttle Columbia launching. Public domain.

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