Famous Indian Personalities - Everyone Should Know About


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If we ask about the most famous Indian personalities to kids today, a lot of times we may end up hearing the names of some Indian celebrities, film stars, or even businessmen. While these individuals have their own importance, but kids today fail to recall the greatest and selfless Indians who have done wonders and re-written the history and future of our mother nation India.

There are plenty of such famous Indian personalities - from the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Mother Teresa, Dr. Ambedkar, Sachin Tendulkar, etc. - who have done extraordinary service to our nation and society at large, with some even coming from not so privileged or wealthy backgrounds. Children from a young age should be taught about these role models - their life stories, their experiences which shaped them as a human being we know them to be and the sacrifices they made for this great nation.

The teaching of societal and moral values to kids at the right age is vital in today’s era. The non-stop race we all are running in this globalized world - some for survival, others for money, some more for fame - is proving to be an obstacle with little time to guide kids in the right direction. But kids are always observing and forming their opinion about the world. So it becomes paramount for parents to introduce kids to these greatest Indians ever so that when the kids grow up, they have the right role models to look up to as a source of inspiration.

Listening to or reading the stories of such important and famous Indian personalities is likely going to leave a positive impression on the minds and hearts of young kids, thereby bringing them closer to Indian history, our culture, and our Indian values.

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